The Owl

This magnificent Great Horned Owl is spending the winter in New York’s Central Park. The photo is a “first” for me, a co-operative effort, made through the kind help of a professional nature photographer. It was Christmas Eve, a day that celebrates journeys large and small, guiding stars, the birth of the new. On that…


Compare and Contrast

Something a little different today.

A photo of Canada’s new and inclusive Prime Minister and Cabinet, posted by this proud Canadian citizen and blogger….

….who also happens to be a Roman Catholic.


Pictures only, because this is a rare case when words and critiques are a waste of time.

Three Books in Three Days (2)

Day Two of Thoughtful B’s three-day book marathon brings us The Meursault Investigation by Algerian author Kamel Daoud. This is a rich and thought-provoking work that invites a second reading. Translated from the French by John Cullen, it is both a novel of ideas and a generous depiction of human complexity. It’s intended as a riff on Albert Camus’ The Stranger —…



I’ve stumbled into the stage of life where the world’s gotten too far ahead of me. I swore it would never happen because I’d never let it. I was just too cool for that. Blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, multitasking — hey, I could do it all. Only recently have I begun to feel a little…


Authors 4 Indies

That messy desk isn’t mine, but it comes close. It happens that this very busy writer is trying to do too many things at once — work on a novel manuscript, revise a batch of poetry, plan publicity for an upcoming book — so I’m afraid that The Thoughtful Blogger has become Blogger on Hold.…


Poem for Rosie

Those of you who follow this blog know about my interest in a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks, Bobby and Rosie, whose turf is New York City’s Washington Square Park. For reasons unknown to their fans, NYU, which sponsored their webcam, decided to shut it down last spring. Did Rosie miss her worldwide audience? She’s not talking —…


Strangers and Cities

The photo on the left shows one of my favourite urban nature photographers at work in North America. Without giving his name away, I’ll add that I’m a long-time admirer of his photo blog. He works for a news agency; in his spare time, he hangs out with the wild critters in New York’s Central Park. At…