All her life, Joy’s been haunted by a man she’s never met — her visionary grandfather, the artist Lorenzo. At work on digging a New York subway tunnel, his pickaxe struck the remains of an ancient Dutch trading ship — and a vision lit up the underground, convincing him that he was blessed. As it turned out, his children did well in life, and almost a century later, his granddaughter Joy, a gifted linguist, married the Canadian descendant of the lost ship’s captain.

Yet nonno’s story also led to the death of Joy’s cousin Leonora, her Aunt Elena’s only child. It was a tragedy that might have been prevented by Joy’s father Eddie, a man who’s been bruised by life and who seldom speaks to his sister. Yet in the year 2000, he has no choice. Wealthy Aunt Elena and Uncle Carlo are coming from Rome to New York City to celebrate their fiftieth wedding anniversary. They’ve invited the family to dine at the sky-high restaurant in one of the Twin Towers — above the tunnel where nonno Lorenzo saw his vision long ago. On the first day of summer, Elena and Eddie will face each other at last.

Midsummer is a story of family ties and fortune, and of finding peace as life nears its close, high above the historic place where nonno’s story began.

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“Carole Giangrande’s Midsummer sets sail in search of distant turning points. She holds the heart of her story gently, and she steers us gracefully through time, and memory. The elegance of her language casts long shadows. She moves us as she writes from the center of longing and wonder.”

Karen Lee Lewis, author of What I Would Not Unravel

“Midsummer is emotionally focused and charged with the power of archetype, its undercurrent of passion perfectly controlled. Carole Giangrande has mastered the novella form.”

Eva Tihanyi, author of Flying Underwater: Poems New and Selected

Online Praise for Midsummer

Midsummer is everything I love about novellas…for such a short book, Giangrande does a wonderful job of weaving together multiple story lines…it’s emotional and beautifully written.”

— Leah Mosher, “Books Speak Volumes”

“The writing in this story is the kind that draws you in and seeps inside. Every moment matters, every word is chosen with care….it forces you to take things slowly and take them all in carefully.”

— Bonnie Fox, “Dwell in Possibility”

“Giangrande navigates memory and emotion carefully, guiding the reader outside the prime maritime routes into the deepest seas of human connection with one’s family.”

— Serena M. Agosto-Cox, “Savvy Verse and Wit”

“Lyrical, languid, brilliant, Midsummer is a fast read for a slow and sultry afternoon. I highly recommend it.”

— Melissa A. Bartell, “Bibliotica”

“Giangrande’s style is truly poetic. She gives this story an engaging other-worldly feel that borders on the magical. ”

— Melinda Ott, “West Metro Mommy Reads”

“(Midsummer is) beautifully written. The setting is perfect, the characters are all sympathetic, and I was totally swept up in the story of family drama…I devoured it in one sitting.”

— Julie, “Book Hooked Blog”

“The ties of family, the place we hold in history, the issues of our personal culpability are the key issues of Carole Giangrande’s novella. It is a seemingly simple book which examines complex emotions. It is an especially perfect read for summer.”

— Bellezza, “Dolce Bellezza”

“Lovely. This is the first word that comes to mind about this book. It’s rather short, but packs an intensely emotional wallop…this is truly a story that must be savored slowly, and enjoyed thoroughly.”

— Melissa, “Must Read Faster”