Poem for Rosie

Those of you who follow this blog know about my interest in a pair of Red-Tailed Hawks, Bobby and Rosie, whose turf is New York City’s Washington Square Park. For reasons unknown to their fans, NYU, which sponsored their webcam, decided to shut it down last spring. Did Rosie miss her worldwide audience? She’s not talking —…

Tweet for Midsummer!

Join us Saturday June 21st for a live group chat on Twitter @InannaPub to celebrate Midsummer — both the longest day of the year and the novella published by Inanna. Tweet #MidsummerBook from 11 am to 2pm EDT, chat with the author, bring questions, comments, favourite quotes, quick thoughts for a long and beautiful day.…

FYI – Blog Posts

FYI, The Thoughtful Blogger will now be available both at this website and (once again) at its old location (http://www.carolesbooktalk.wordpress.com). This is for the convenience of new subscribers who’ve been finding their way to the blog through older posts on the wordpress site without realizing that there would be no more new ones. On the…

Coming Soon: Midsummer

I’m delighted to tell you that my novella Midsummer will be published by Inanna in April 2014. Here is the cover — I think it’s gorgeous — and a summary of the plot. Lots more news to come! All her life, Joy’s been haunted by a man she’s never met — her visionary grandfather, the…


I’ve been thinking a lot about gratitude. These thoughts were prompted by the controversy surrounding David Gilmour, the prominent Canadian writer and professor who stated publicly that he can’t see his way to teaching women writers. Back to gratitude. When you’re a writer of modest means and modest successes — as I am — it…

Seamus Heaney (1939 – 2013)

This lovely poem of his is one of my favourites, and a beautiful epitaph.

The Poplar

Wind shakes the big poplar, quicksilvering

The whole tree in a single sweep.

What bright scale fell and left this needle quivering?

What loaded balances have come to grief?

 — from The Spirit Level (1996)

Missing Blogger!

It’s summer, and Thoughtful B has disappeared! A trip to China (wonderful!), a manuscript that needed revising (done) and the celebration of her 30th wedding anniversary (partying big-time) ate up all her blogging hours. So sorry! All of these events (and a handful of great books) deserve comment, but I’m on my way out the door.…