Poetry, Anyone?

Apart from myself, I know almost no one who reads poetry. For sure there are loads of verse-lovers elsewhere. Dozens of slim volumes get published every year, literary journals are deluged with submissions and and there’s a tidal wave of e-zines online. Pick through the back pages of Poets & Writers magazine and you’ll find…

Seamus Heaney (1939 – 2013)

This lovely poem of his is one of my favourites, and a beautiful epitaph.

The Poplar

Wind shakes the big poplar, quicksilvering

The whole tree in a single sweep.

What bright scale fell and left this needle quivering?

What loaded balances have come to grief?

 — from The Spirit Level (1996)

Summer Reading: (1) Whylah Falls

I’m back from holidays, my stack of books well-thumbed. Some are modern classics, others recent, and every one of them was worth lugging along (still don’t have an e-reader). This week, a look at Whylah Falls, a wonderful creation by Canada’s George Elliot Clarke, published some twenty years ago. I call it a creation because…