World-famous photographer Lorne Winter tumbles from a plane to his death in the flames of a spectacular forest fire in northern Ontario which he’s been shooting — an event telecast live across North America. This stunning public death wrenches from the past a series of revelations and discoveries. For the plane’s pilot, Sally Groves — who was Lorne’s lover briefly many years earlier — the fire evokes a 1966 blaze, with its unwanted secrets, that destroyed her family’s New York woods. For Lorne’s adopted son, Gabe Winter, the event spirals him toward self-discovery and a new identity.

Spanning two countries and the turbulent era of the 1960’s, the Viet Nam war and social conflict, A Forest Burning is a suspense-filled novel about memory, truth and forgiveness.

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“Carole Giangrande’s rich and ambitious new novel, A Forest Burning, is a story of generations of loss, soul baring, and secrets.”

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