Missing Persons Short Stories Carole Giangrande

Missing Persons

Short Stories by Carole Giangrande

In her first collection of short fiction, Giangrande explores the lives of people who inhabit the broken terrain of the late twentieth century. A man saves memory from the blur of media events by finding a tool more potent than television…an Ontario farmer reaps a strange harvest in the garden of a Lebanese exile…a photographer uses her creative eye to unravel the mystery of a missing friend…an antiwar march pushes a woman into the life of her beloved twin destroyed by Vietnam…Faced with the disappearance of homeland, memory and innocence, these short stories powerfully explore interpretive material for life’s dance.

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Praise for Missing Persons

“…(Missing Persons is) an insightful and heart-rending collection that I, for one, couldn’t put down.”

The Edmonton Sun

…a prose that vaults and dazzles.”

The Ottawa Citizen

“Carole Giangrande writes with deep feeling and redeeming compassion.”

M.T. Kelly, Governor General’s Award Winner, A Dream Like Mine

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